Ganus Family Lofts (GFL) is proud to present one of the finest collections of racing pigeons in the world.    No expense has been spared in acquiring
numerous National Ace Pigeons from Holland and Belgium as well as other internationally recognized racing pigeons.  The dominance of youngsters sold
by Ganus Family Lofts is legendary in the United States.  The accomplishments of GFL birds have reached the same levels in other countries as well - Holland,
Canada, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, China, Portugal, South Africa.
With the opportunity to purchase the best birds, I find I have to limit myself like everyone else so I strive to purchase only outstanding birds. I am convinced
that birds are like everything else in life, as technologies have advanced over the years so has the racing pigeon that is winning today. The stamina, speed,
consistency and confirmation of today's winning pigeons have taken on new dimensions and GFL is committed to keep looking for the best.
I do not consider Ganus Family Loft to be a "breeding farm" but rather a family run operation with top quality birds personally selected to produce foundation
breeders for fanciers so that they may also enjoy the fine sport of racing pigeons.  I have a modest sized breeding loft that holds approximately 150 birds over
the winter months.  This number of birds enables me to care for the birds on a daily basis.
The accomplishments of GFL bred birds in the United States are unparalleled by any other loft - they have dominated the competition in every area of the
country and the world, at all distances and in all types of weather.  GFL birds are continually at the top of prestigious races and national awards.  The fact
that majority of fanciers contact Ganus Family Loft again to purchase additional breeding stock is proof in itself that GFL birds have improved their lofts -
and now they say"I know what you mean when you have always said "No one likes a winner!"  Highlights of racing accomplishments are listed on the Race
Results page.
The most current information on our breeders will be found here on the web site.  Orders for youngsters are taken all throughout the year.  All birds are fully
pedigreed with 100% satisfaction and health for 30 days from date of shipment.  50% down payment at time of ordering will secure your order with the balance
due before shipping.
If there is anything GFL can help you with please feel free to contact us.