Memories are one of the most important adventures of our lives.  Without those, thoughts of our past would not be complete.  I wanted to share here my memories of a family
of brothers that not only loved their pigeons but they lived for their pigeons.  I am talking about the Janssen Bros of Arendonk Belgium. They were simple people that lived
their dream to the fullest - always talking about pigeons, racing each week at the nearby club - smiling and telling the same old stories of the past with a twist in the facts. But
everyone was always eager to listen.
During all my trips to Belgium, sometimes several a year, I always visited my friends in Arendonk where I was met with a smile and a bottle of lime soda which took a few
hours to drink. When I would enter their home, Louis always remembered me by saying "Ganus" then greeted me with a soft smile. I will always remember this for the rest of
my life.  These are the memories that bring a smile to my face and the thoughts of missing the true fanciers that made pigeon racing what we have today.
  • Mike Ganus, always thinking where the next top breeder will come from.
  • On the road to visit the legends of our sport - the fanciers I hope will never be forgotten - the Janssen Bros of Arendonk.
  • L to R:  Charel Janssen, Mike, Louis Janssen and Deb Ganus visiting the Janssen Bros to pick up a son off Belg 6763019-73 (The 019).
  • Louis showing the son of 019 that I ordered a few years in advance.
  • Louis showing the wing of 019.
  • Louis was always so proud of their pigeons, handing over the famous 019 for me to handle.
  • Mike picking up 2 more youngsters during another visit to the Janssen Brothers.
  • During one of my visits to the Janssen Bros, I ordered a red youngster off VOS 81 - pictured here.
  • Henk Kuylaars always using his charm to get me a good price with Charel and Louis Janssen.
  • Louis handing me the famous SCHOUWMAN (Belg 6371905-76) in their breeding loft.  Later this pigeon was given to Henk Kuylaars as a present.
  • The racing lofts on the roof at the Janssen Brothers.
  • The aviary for 12 pair of breeders at the Janssen loft.
  • Inside the home at the Janssen Brothers.
  • Original pedigree for the 969 which made a big impact here in America for so many lofts - a son of 019.
  • My father, Hank Ganus, who I miss very much - memories that last forever.
          music: Bensound.com