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The Mona Lisa / Rocket  Breeders

There are many top racing pigeons across the world and renown proven breeders which we all hear about through auction sites or websites.  This has allowed fanciers
a chance to own some of the best racing pigeons and build up their own super family of racing pigeons. The fanciers now days have much better birds and health products
available to make the overall competition more even plus with one loft races we are able to compete against the best birds from every part of the world.  How else can you
challenge your skills as a breeder and your family of birds if you were not competing in the same races, under the same care, feed and training.
Over the past 40 years of racing and building a family of racing pigeons I have purchased over thirty 1st National Ace Champions.  I have traveled around the world searching
for the very best pigeons and constantly striving to learn what qualities a super pigeon must possess. With all this in mind I've found out the most important qualities are
not visible.  So when you are lucky enough to find that super breeding pigeon, and some fanciers never will, you must be smart and plan each mating carefully because
this gift that you have found, male or female, may never come around to you again.
Mona Lisa (GFL487-06) is that special gift that I was fortunate to breed.  She has given me 70 very special children with the gift of breeding racing pigeons that can fly with
the will to win and not give up under all circumstances.    Mona Lisa children have bred winners in eight countries against the best racing pigeons and fanciers of our time.
In the last 3 years Mona Lisa grandchildren have won 85 equal first place wins for me  in one loft races proving that they can win against the best birds from all parts of the
Mona Lisa is bred from two special families.  The mother's side is Janssen based.  Her mother is Memories (NL 0080496-00) - a full sister to the mother of Creator.  Mona
Lisa's father is The Phantom (Belg 6162086-97) - uncle to Fieneke 5000.  These two proven winning families have given me Mona Lisa - a miracle breeding hen that is the  
best breeding pigeon that I have ever owned.
This page features children of Mona Lisa and The Rocket (NL 9669302-96) - the 1st National Ace All Holland -Old Birds NPO 1999. 
Click on any picture for an enlargement of the bird and eye photo.
GFL404-09 Mona_Lisa_results GFL1078-09
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