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The Rocket Family

It was published by several top writers in Holland that The ROCKET(NL9669302-96) must be known as one of the top breeders that ever lived!  The ROCKET won several races
against thousands of birds and was the 1st National Ace WHZB of All Holland Old Birds.   If his owner had entered him into the national competition awards  the year before
he would have been the 1st National Ace Pigeon of all Holland two years in a row.
As a breeder the ROCKET was gr.father to:  WINNER (NL 1787880-02) - the 1st Middle Distance Ace Pigeon WHZB of All Holland 2005 for Mr. vanGastel.  DRAGON ROCKET  
(NL 1057148-99) the father to 5 different top 10 national winners for Henk De Weerd which also went on to breed winners.   ROCKETEER (NL 0742659-06) - the 1st Prov.
Ace Pigeon Brabant 2000 Combine (2800 members). 
This glorious ROCKET dynasty first conquered his area and later the entire world.   One great win was when he won 1st National Orleans - fastest of 58,925 birds.  As for
my breeding loft the ROCKET blood has been unbelievable.  I've won more than 100 x 1st places over the years with the ROCKET blood and fanciers around the world have
tripled this amount.   So what more can I say - one of the best breeders of a lifetime!
To view the Rocket family breeders click on any picture for an enlargement of the bird and eye photo.
GFL170-09 Rocket info GFL958-08
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